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The Upper Room

Acts 2:4 "All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues [languages] as the Spirit enabled them." I always have a list in one of my prayer journals. It grows over time as I move from place to place. It contains the names of the people I love the most who are not saved…yet. Sometimes the names will weigh on my heart like a burden that I cannot shake. Sometimes it warps my self-perception and fills me with doubt. It mocks me with the question if youre a Christian why are these people not saved? It makes me want to step out in my own strength and take matters into my own hands. But the words don’t come out. The situations never arise and I'm left defeated in the dust. That's sometimes my personal spiral, but thankfully the bible shows us a different approach. Shortly after Jesus returned to HIS Father in heaven, we read that the disciples gathered in the upper room. But why? Did they gather because they were afraid or seeking consolation from one another? No. Did they gather because they didn't know what to do? They knew they were supposed to evangelize and preach the gospel, but they were waiting for the how. They were seated in the upper room praying .They were waiting for the Holy Spirit to anoint them so that they could step forward. We get to witness the power that the Spirit places over them. The founding members of the early church were ordinary people without any sophisticated education. In fact we've already met their ring-leader Peter. A coarse and emotionally labile fisherman who failed numerous times at the feet of Jesus and yet here he stands. Peter's message to the crowd is eloquent , full of truth and reflective of the one who sent HIM. The other believers are literally speaking in different languages to those that had gathered. The people are so amazed that the only thing that makes sense is that perhaps they're drunk! We as modern Christians can't just live our lives quietly, waiting for someone to ask if we're believers. There is a time and place to step up and speak. But if we chose to act in our own strength the message will inevitably be poorly conveyed. Instead, we are reassured time and time again of the work that the Holy Spirit can do within us. We are called to spend time in the upper room praying and waiting for the anointment of the Holy Spirit. And when we receive that anointing we are to boldly cross the threshold of our comfort zone and push into the crowd knowing that we don’t' even need to supply our own words. We are simply a vessel for the Holy Spirits words. So take yourself out of the equation and spend time in that upper room so that you are ready to move when you get called.

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